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Things to do in dehraduna with friends


if you are making plans to trip to Dehradun with friends and thinking about how your journey will be gone. so in this travel blog article, we are sharing you information about things to do in Dehradun with friends. we hope this information really changes your travel plan and you will enjoy your trip with happiness.   

we know Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand.  & rather than the capital this city is very famous for things to do with friends activities. but first of all we are giving you some information about Dehradun city. which will really help to your journey.  

About Dehradun city

close to nature & around beautiful green mountains Dehradun is situated in the Uttarakhand state. which is also the District of Uttarakhand. the Prosperous city of Uttarakhand where live many people from India & along to India country. permissive people with good behavior will help you to your journey. 

Uttarakhand is the land of god. Where’s history & mythological history will really shock you. there are many ancient places & museums in Dehradun that will remind you of the history of kings & empowered.   

Things to do in Dehradun with friends

River rafting

Dehradun is close to nature and rivers you can fully enjoy your travel with friends. make the plan to visit in dehradun & enjoy with river rafting with. you kwon dehradun & Rishikesh is famous for river rafting. there are many travel companies which are providing rafting activities at low prices. you can contact them to make your plan. we will suggest you go in summer because summer is the hottest & definitely river rafting will beat summer hot.    

Dehradun Camping With Friends.

Dehradun is a small city which is cover all sides of the mountain. the green trees are situated in the mountain which really feels it fresh & cool. if you are planning to go with friends so definitely camping in Dehradun city.  come to Dehradun & go to the mountain. but please take your safety material becouse your in a jungle & when will what happen nobody know.

the Taapu Sera is one of the most famous locations for camping which is situated to the way of dhanulti. this camping place is safe for making camp because its close to the valley where other people make camp for stay.  

Enjoy a sunrise view

you know you can see the beautiful view of sunrise from the top of the mountain which will really shock you.  because Dehradun city is covered by a mountain & glowing sunrise from the mountain. that looks very beautiful & incredible.  for this beautiful sunrise view you have to wake up earlier in the morning.  you will see the amazing afterglow view of sunrise. & one more thing if you love photography so definitely captured this view on your camera. you will create beautiful memories from this morning. 

Enjoy a greeny road trip 

If you are thinking Things to do in dehraduna with friends so Dehradun city is fully canacted to nature. you can enjoy your trip with nature’s beauty & Scenery. start your morning with a cup of tea wake up your friends to walk road trip. when you will go to outside from home in the morning then you can view a beautiful road with many green trees. before the sunrise lite fog sperate around the road & make this view very amazing.  

Enhance your photography hobby

if photography is your hobby. so really you love nature beauty. & natural beauty will really enhance your photography knowledge because every photographer loves nature look & want to shoot nature. now you traveling with friends so can capture many photos by different poses & explore nature beauty & how to be love to nature. realy you  will miss your this travel season. & this evergreen mountain will agree you  to come again.    

trakking in Dehtrekkingradun

If you are thinking Things to do in dehraduna with friends so enjoy treking in dehradun. Dehradun is famous  city for trekking where you can make trekking plans with friends in mountains of dehradun.  if you love adventure so definitely come to Dehradun to enjoy nature’s beauty with the shocking forest. which will be really amazing & increase your courage. nag tibba & chakkrata trek is famous trek destination of near Dehradun where you can trek with friends. before the start, the trek make a perfect plan so that you can easily navigate properly. 

so guys finally have told you six things you can do with friends in dehradun city. but now definetely  you are thinking that how you will roach in dehradun. so stay connected we giving you good way to reach in dehradun.  

things to do in Dehradun with family.

above the given activities are not for a family because we have written for friends who can enjoy together. there are few things you can do with family like. morning walk & enjoy to see sunset view. make sure never forgot to enjoy photography with family in Dehradun. 

things to do in Dehradun at night.

we have many things to do in Dehradun at night because it’s a famous city.  there are many activities which we can do with friends & family. if love shopping so Dehradun is also top place for shopping. beautiful road and shinning of shops will call to come inside the shop.  

if traveling with friends so can enjoy the nightlife of Dehradun. go to the bar & enjoy the party with music. with friends you can camp outside & connect to the natural glory of the night.  

things to do in Dehradun in one day

if you are planning to go in Dehradun and have a question that things to do in Dehradun in one day so Definitely you can enjoy a lot of activities in one day like photography & enjoy the nightlife of Dehradun. except for these activities, you can go for a morning walk in the smart city of dehradun. 

How to Reach Dehradun  

Reach in dehradun is easy becouse we have three ways to reach in Dehradun by bus, by train & quick way by flight. 

By Road –  Dehradun is fully connected by road. you will easily reach Dehradun. its approx 280 km from delhi & approx  580 km from Lucknow. take bus & rentlea taxi for reaching Dehradun.  

By Train – 

Dehraduns also connected by train way. the district railway station is in Dehradun. which is connected to all the famous city of India.

By Air –

the jolly grant airport is the nearst airport of Dehradun which is approx 15 km from Dehradun. from here you can take rental taxi & bus which will drop you ghanta ghar in dehradun. 

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