Top 5 temples of Pauri Garhwal 

hello, friends again welcome to our new blog post. in this article, we are sharing with you information about the top 5 temples of Pauri. if you believe in faith and reverence so you must visit these temples. legend has it that all about your wishes come true. these temples are also famous in Uttrakhand and all over India. if you are traveling with your family so can definitely philosophy these temples. all temples are closer to nature and the foot of the mountain which makes your mind fresh.  let’s know about the top 5 temples of Pauri.   

but before knowing the 5 temples of Pauri, we should know a little bit about Pauri Garhwal and their weather .  so that we can enjoy our holidays. And in this post, we will also read about how to reach Pauri Garhwal from the capital of India and other famous cities in India. 

About Pauri Garhwal 

Pauri Garhwal is situated in the mountain valley of Uttarakhand which is typically famous also the district and headquarters of Pauri. 

from the sea level, Pauri is situated 1,765 m above where you can feel the natural beauty of mountains and fresh air which will really feel that you are in the lands of god.  

Pauri Garhwal is a famous tourist place in Uttarakhand. where visitor enjoys knowing Uttarakhand culture and traditions. 

if you want to beat the summer season and feel fresh so mountains, valleys,s and rivers are waiting for you in Pauri. 

Top 5 temples of Pauri Garhwal 

by the way, there are many temples in Pauri Uttrakhand which are famous for regius and mythological history. but today we gonna tell you the most popular and Ancient temples of Pauri Garhwal. 

tarkeshwar temple 

tarkeshwar temple is a famous temple of Uttarakhand. is situated at Lansdown in the Pauri Garhwal district. from the sea level, it’s situated above  2092 miter which is dedicated to lord shiva. around the temple many varieties of trees like pine & cedar.

tadkeswar temple is a mythological place of Uttrakhand. about whom we read in mythological history that it was a penance place rishi muni. if you devotee of lord shiva and also love nature’s beauty so you should visit definitely.   

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Kalinka Temple 

when we talk about the top temples of Pauri Garhwal so first of all which temple name comes to our mind it?s Kalinka temple. 

Kalinka temple is dedicated to ma kali who defends all people of Pauri Garhwal and Almora. the temple is situated boundary line of both districts. from that place you can see the beautiful scenes of mountains & Himalayas.  

Dhari Temple 

dhari devi temple is one of the mythological temples of Pauri Garhwal.  faith and devotion this temple is dedicated to ma kali. legend says that the statue of this temple changes the three forms in the day.

according to mythological history. this temple flooded and stop near the rock.  the villager heard the sound of lamentation from the idol.  the holy voice instructed them to install the idol.

Recognition of the temple that  Any devotee who prays here with a true heart. his wishes come true.

Binsar Mahadev temple 

near the beautiful mountain and & nature, this temple situates bironkhal the block of Pauri,s dedicated to lord Shiva. if you believe in faith and devotee so you must visit binsar Mahadev temple.  

the binsar Mahadev temple is an ancient temple of Uttrakhand which is also famous for good architecture & The art of the craft. around the temple, many types of trees like pine and cedar make this place beautiful and memorable. 

if you want to travel with friends and plan for a picnic so the beauty of nature calls you to visit and enjoy with friends. you love adventure activities so can do many adventures activities here like camping and trekking.   

Sidhbali Temple Kotdwar

situated closer to the river & beautiful evergreen trees the sidhbali temple is a famous temple of Pauri which is situated in kotdwar city. dedicated to lord hanuman ji this temple is also a house of thousands of faith & devotee. 

beautiful surrounding sites covered with green tree makes the scenic view of the temple. if you are traveling nearby kotdwar  & you want to feel nature’s beauty with faith and devotion so you should visit in sidhbali temple. legends say that who prays here with a true heart. his wishes come true.

in this holy temple, you can also travel with your family and keep memorable moments from here. and after the temple tour, you can also enjoy other scenic sites of kotdwar .   

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Pauri Garhwal Famous Places 

except for the famous Temple of Pauri there are many tourist attractions in Pauri Garhwal where we can travel with family . 

if You nature lover & want to feel nature’s beauty around mountains, valleys & rivers so can visit Pauri Garhwal . There are many places where you can enjoy your holidays. there are some interesting places we are giving you a list of below.  

  • Lansdowne 
  • Khirsu Village 
  • Jogimarhi Market 
  • Dudatoli 
  • Chaukhamba View Point

Best Time To Visit Pauri Garhwal 

Be most important question of every traveler the best Time to Visit In Pauri garhwal. if you have same question so don’t worry. we are telling you about best time to visit pauri garhwal. you can make a plan according to holidays. but if you want to spend summer season so can visit Pauri Garhwal at may to august. in this duration, Pauri Garhwal weather is cool and enjoyable. from the delhi & other hottest Places pauri garhwal keep you cool  . 

Pauri garhwal Temperature 

if we talk to about the Pauri garhwal Temperature so we get to know that the temperature be cold form other near  places & Cities of uttarakhand . 

the normal temperature of pauri Garhwal at the summer season could be a minimum 15 to 22 & Max Between 27 to 30 Degrees Celcius.

during the winter season, Pauri Garhwal’s temperature sometimes goes mines 0 degrees Celcius and you can see the beautiful view of snowfall. the highest temperature of the winter season goes to 10 to 15 degrees Celcius.  

How To Reach Pauri Garhwal 

Pauri Garhwal is well connected by road from all cities of India, so you can reach it easily by road.  include all places of this article are situated within 5 kilometers from the road. you can trip where easily. 

Reach Pauri Garhwal by train 

the nearest railway station of Pauri Garhwal is kotdwar which is well connected by train from all famous cities. you can take a bus & rental taxi for reaching Pauri Garhwal.   

Reach Pauri Garhwal by Flight 

the nearest airpot  of Pauri Garhwal is Dehradun which is well connected  all famous cities. you can take a bus & rental taxi for reaching Pauri garhwal.   

Pauri Garhwal F&Q

How can I go to Pauri Garhwal by train?

the nearest railway station of Pauri Garhwal is kotdwar which is well connected by train from all famous cities. you can take a bus & rental taxi for reaching Pauri Garhwal. 

Why is Pauri famous?

Pauri Is Famous for nature’s beauty and holy pilgrims. where every traveler enjoys holidays and also can know about Uttarakhand culture and mythological places. 

Is Pauri Garhwal worth visiting?

yes Pauri is really worth visiting. there you can do many adventure activities like trekking & camping. you make a picnic plan with friends. 

Is snowfall in Pauri?

 you can see snowfall in some places of Pauri Garhwal. some times snow falls at the peak of the mountain. so you can plan to go and enjoy lots of activities. 

What is in Pauri?

for a traveler has a everything activities in pauri Garhwal. 
the merriment of the market you can enjoy an evening walk with green roads. and know about the culture of uttarakhand .

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