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Top Tourist Attractions Of  Pauri Garhwal

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Garhwal Pauri Tourism:-

Pauri Garhwal is a wonderland where you may see all of the different hues of nature at one location. This location exudes beauty and charm in every way, from the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and dense blanket of lush green woods to the deeply ingrained culture and kind-hearted people.

Pauri, which is located 1814 metres above sea level, also acts as the district’s administrative centre. There are numerous temples there as well, but the sunset is what draws tourists the most.

This most amazing sunset captures everyone’s attention with its stunning combination of colours that culminates in pink and purple tones.

Places To Visit In Pauri Garhwal:-

1.Chaukhamba Viewpoint

The fascinating Chaukhamba Viewpoint offers visitors breathtaking vistas of the lovely Idwal valley. Four kilometres from Pauri, one may see the mesmerising glaciers that feed the Ganga River.

The main draw of the area is the dense rhododendron and oak woodland cover.

2 .Overview of Kandoliya and Pauri Garhwal

The Kandoliya Devta is honoured in the temple, which is 2 km outside of Pauri town and in a picturesque setting. Lord Shiva serves as the temple’s principal deity, and Bhumi Devta’s idols are also present.

The park around the temple complex is at the ideal location for picnics and relaxation, with views of the spectacular Himalayan Peak and Gangwar Sun Valley. Visitors come in vast numbers to the stadium, which is positioned atop the mountain and is Asia’s highest.

3 .Introduction to Khirsu, Pauri Garhwal

Khirsu is a serene, tranquil hill village 15 kilometres from Pauri Garhwal that is encircled by orchards and lush greenery. The location is away from the main tourist routes and has not yet attracted a crowd of visitors to its calmingly gorgeous surroundings, making it perfect for a slow and restful vacation.

This tranquil hill town, 1800 metres above sea level and surrounded by vast swaths of lovely deodar and oak trees, is a haven for anyone seeking to get away from the bustle of popular tourist destinations.

One of those spotlessly off-the-beaten-path locations, Khirsu is unspoiled and certain to enchant you with its soul-stirring beauty and tranquillity. The area’s appeal is increased by the presence of the imposing Ghandiyal Devi shrine.


Snake god Nag is honoured at Nagdev Temple. One must go 1.5 kilometres to get to the temple, which is hidden within a deep rhododendron and crazy pine forest.

On the approach to the temple, one can stop at a lovely observatory to see the looming Himalayan range.

5 .Pauri Garhwal, Kyun Kaleshwar Mahadev Overview

It is a historic temple from the eighth century, and Lord Shiva,

Goddess Parvati, Ganesha, and Karthikeyan are its four main deities. Adi Guru Shankaracharya is thought to have founded the temple, which is located in the town’s suburbs, while he was there.

In addition to its religious significance, the temple provides sweeping views of the Himalayas’ snow-capped peaks.

6.Overview of Adwani, Pauri Garhwal

A small village located 17 km from Pauri is the perfect location for picnics and lounging. From Pauri, a well-maintained road leads to the location.

7.Overview of the Lakshman Temple in Pauri Garhwal’s Deva


Lakshman Temple, which is located in Deval, a small village close to Kot Block, is only a 15-minute drive from Pauri. This temple has a small height and a complex made of grey stone that is almost a thousand years old.

This temple was independently created by nature, and there are many other identical temples nearby.

The Ideal Season To VIsit Pauri Garhwal

The climate in Pauri Garhwal is nice all year long. Warm but pleasurable summers call for light cotton or wool clothing. Snowfall during the winter brings about extreme cold but also makes for stunning scenery for travellers.

The best clothing for the season is thick wool. Due to the bad road conditions, the monsoon season predicts significant rainfall and landslides, which only worsen the situation.

How To Reach Pauri Garhwal

Air Travel to Pauri Garhwal

It will be ideal if visitors and pilgrims fly into Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport before travelling to Pauri. An efficient mode of transportation that even saves time. The closest airport to the village is Jolly Grant. Pauri is about 155 kilometres from the airport.

Flights from Delhi to Pauri are conveniently available. Taxis can be rented from the airport to go the 155 km route.

For each trip to Pauri, a taxi driver might bill the customer about Rs. 3000.

The fact that Jolly Grant is closely connected to Delhi International Airways is advantageous to tourists. People go from all around India and even from abroad to Pauri via the Delhi-Jolly grant.

By Rail, get to Pauri Garhwal (By Train)

The closest rail station to the Pauri district is in Kotdwar. The Kotdwar railway station has excellent connections to many Indian cities. The main mode of transportation to Pauri is the railroad. Kotdwar is served often by trains.

You can travel to Pauri town from Kotdwar railway station via luxurious buses and private taxis. Around 101 kilometres separate Pauri City from Kotdwar Railway Station. It has strong connections to Rishikesh as well. Tourists can also travel to Rishikesh, from which they can easily hire buses and cabs to Pauri.

Roadway Access to Pauri Garhwal

Most of the towns in the state of Uttarakhand provide bus service to

Pauri Garhwal. From the ISBT Kashmiri Gate, Delhi, Kotdwar, and Pauri cities, buses are available. Pauri has connections with many cities in Uttarakhand. Pauri is also connected to the majority of the towns in Uttarakhand by National Highway 119 . From Dehradun, Haridwar, Kotdwar, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh, buses and taxis are available.

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