Tours to Golden Gate Bridge

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the Golden Gate Bridge, make this article till the last because we are going to talk about the history of the Golden Gate Bridge and if you travel here, then what things you will get to see here. and how much you will have to pay here during the journey,

Tours to Golden Gate Bridge

Although you will get to see many big bridges in this world, you will not get to see a bridge with a unique structure like the Golden Gate Bridge anywhere other than Francisco Saharsa of America, in fact, this bridge is famous for connecting America’s famous cities of Francisco and California. Its construction began on 5 January 1933 and was completed on 27 May 1937. Its architect was Irwin Morrow because he was famous for his object art, today this Golden Gate Bridge not only serves to connect Francisco California but also It has also become a famous tourist destination of America in today’s era, the length of the bridge is 1.6 kilometers and the length of this Golden Bridge is 746 feet, which declares it the longest bridge in the world, tourists can see the Pacific Ocean here. Along with this, if you are interested in photography, then you can also do photography here in a good way, that too for free.

History of the Golden Gate Bridge

Friends, the history of the Golden Gate Bridge is related to both the famous cities of Francisco and California. Before this bridge, the traffic of the city was very difficult, so the construction of this bridge was discussed, after which Irving Morrow together with Charles Elton Ellis built this bridge. Designed a design, Charles Elton Ellis was a Greek scholar and mathematician. On January 4, 1933, the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began, which was completed in 1937. It cost a total of more than $ 550 million to build, its construction The work was given to the McClintick Marshall Construction Company, during the construction of this bridge, many workers lost their lives, it is on 17 February 1937, when the work of the bridge was about to be completed, that the workers due to the failure of the net. suffered a lot,

Golden Gate Bridge Inauguration Celebration

Despite the completion of the construction of this Golden Gate Bridge, everyone was waiting for its inauguration and finally, the Golden Gate Bridge was inaugurated with great joy and gaiety on 27 May 1937 and after that, the vehicle started running here. A few days before the sister walk, about 200,000 people walked on this bridge, and despite that later vehicles were allowed to walk, and 2 days after the inauguration of the Golden Gate Bridge, the President also made his visit to this beautiful bridge. And congratulated all the countrymen,

Golden Gate Bridge Tour

Golden Gate Bridge is the main tourist place in Francisco, here not only the people of America, but people from different countries of the world come to see this beautiful bridge, tell us that every year about lakhs of tourists come here. It keeps on coming and why not come so beautiful is the Golden Gate Bridge, when the sunlight falls on this bridge in the evening time, you will get to see a different glow on it what is the best thing about your bridge You can see the Pacific Ocean by standing on top of it, you get to see different types of fish, as well as talk about the beauty of its surroundings, there are small mountains on both sides of it, which is on the beauty of this Golden Gate Bridge. You can visit this bridge by any means and enjoy its beauty, if you like to walk, then you can walk here in the evening, its beauty and its texture and the surrounding view. And if you want to take a taxi, you can also travel here via taxi. You can, and whenever you visit this Golden Bridge, do not forget to capture this memorable moment with your camera, if you want to travel with your family then this place is good but if you are thinking of traveling on foot to this bridge, then do not bring small children with you and if you want to travel through taxi then you can also include small children and elderly people in your journey.

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golden gate bridge entrance fee,

Although no fee is charged for the journey of Golden Gate Bridge if you go via taxi or bus then the fee charged here may also vary if you have good knowledge about this bridge you want to achieve and know about its architecture, then you should start your journey on foot, if you want, you can reach here by sailing from the sea and enjoy its beautiful views from the viewpoint,

Some interesting facts about the Golden Gate Bridge
  1. The main purpose of constructing this Golden Gate Bridge was to generate traffic and employment in the city,
  2. You will be surprised to know that this is the longest bridge in the world.
  3. How has its design been prepared or rather it has been made in such a way that it can bear 8 magnitudes of earthquake
  4. This bridge is 90 feet wide and 220 feet high above sea level.
  5. The best thing about this bridge is that it has been painted orange color so that it can be seen well even in the fog.

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